Shelley Harland is a singer-songwriter with a passion to sing and write music of all flavours. She has written pop songs, dance songs, acoustic songs, deep dark and beautiful most people she enjoys a variety of music and enjoys that freedom within her own creations you never know what you're gonna get with Harland!

Untrained in music, she discovered her talent while living in New York - she picked up a guitar, wrote a few songs and her journey began. Her amazing voice has inspired collaborations with people all over the world, she has worked with legends such as John Cale & Larry Klein and toured with Elvis Costello and The Fray. You can find her on many albums globally as well as her own albums.

Shelley loves to remain "incognito" and shy's away from the spotlight.....

You can find her secret treasures here ....


Shelley's excited to return to NY and LA in late October for a songwriting trip.

"New Things" single out soon featuring the original album cut, a beautiful and intimate acoustic mix by Shelley, and remixes by Strangers, Stereojackers vs Mark Loverush, Sandro Peres. A video is also shot and in post-production.

Mixtapes, covers, unreleased tracks, demos, and free downloads available on Soundcloud. CLICK HERE

Shelley’s song “In The Dark” is featured in the new worldwide OMEGA Watch  campaign featuring Nicole Kidman


Shelley's crowd-sourced album made possible by her fans, The Girl Who Cried Wolf, out soon! 

In The Dark (from the album “Red Leaf” and featured in the Omega Watch Commercial)
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