WED JUL 15, 2009 / / / /
Very excited to announce i'll be on tour with Elvis Costello, whooahh!! Visit my LIVE section for when & where! THU JUL 03, 2009 / / / /
It’s been a long journey and you all have been so patient, THANK YOU!!!! Words can’t adequately express how grateful I am for your loving support and kind words while I’ve been working away at getting this to you.
JB HiFi is the place to go for physical copies of the album (for all my lovelies outside of Australia… JB HiFi will do international shipping!).
It will of course be available on iTunes (Australia), Sanity, and other fine outlets in Australia.
Please stop by my Sony page and check out the cool Red Leaf Track By Track Video Interview and also download an exclusive song called ‘Delicate Flower.’
The video for my new single ‘Friday’ is currently on rotation on Rage and MAX TV. If you don’t catch it, feel free to send them an email or call and request more showings!
Just uploaded a live performance of my song ‘Sorry’ to my YouTube page, check it out and don’t forget to subscribe while you are there. More videos, behind the scenes, and performances coming soon!
That’s it! Short and sweet! Looking forward to celebrating the release tomorrow and thanks again to each and everyone one of you for making this possible!!!!
Shelley THU JUN 18, 2009 / / / /
Friday is up on Itunes Australia - whhoooaahh!!!Go get it :)
We've been making a video for Friday over the last week and it's been an amazing experience, I can't wait to show you!
In the meantime - check out the youtube/ShelleyHarland page for behind the scenes footage.
I'll be playing at the Apple Store in Sydney on Saturday 20th 4pm - hope to see you there!
Shelley xxx THU JUN 18, 2009 / / / /
Shelley Harland - Behind The Scenes (Music Video for Friday)
Just posted a new video to my YouTube page -
You can also view it on my myspace page.
So much fun and can't wait to share the completed video with you all! WED JUN 17, 2009 / / / /
TV Show Appearance Tonight!!!
This week on Spicks and Specks EPISODE 21
Our special guests this week are NZ folk singer turned celebrity chef Iain Hewitson, US actress and stand up comedian Janeane Garofalo, singer/songwriter Shelley Harland and comedian Mike Wilmot. FRI MAY 28, 2009 / / / /
Hi everyone!
Got some news to share and new music up on Myspace - check it out!
As some of you might have guessed Friday will be the next single from my forthcoming album Red Leaf. Artwork and video will be revealed soon… so keep an ear/eye out!
The Friday single should reach radio starting in June, so if your station isn’t playing it please call in or email them to request it!
I’ll give you a shout when it's up on ITunes.
In the meantime let me know what that "Friday feeling" means to you, where is your favorite place to go, what's your favorite thing to do on a Friday.
Send me an email:[email protected] or even better upload a youtube video of yourself telling me and we'll add it to the Shelley Harland Youtube page!
Seven Network in Australia have been using Friday on a TV commercial for the past few weeks. I’ve had a few people write in and mention this. Just wondering who else might have caught it? If any of you have seen it let me know.
The iTunes single of the week for Wonder was one of the most downloaded songs - over 15,000 people downloaded it in a week! Very happy to have so many new faces on myspace from this experience and I appreciate all the kind words and comments!
This month’s issue of InStyle Magazine for Australia (June issue) features a chat with me on all things music and I get a chance to introduce myself and my new album to the readers. Nice of them, don’t you think  Thanks InStyle!
I’ll be doing an INSTORE PERFORMANCE at the Sydney Apple Store (367 George St.) on June 20th at 4pm. Would love to have all of you come out, so mark your calendars now!
In August I’ll be starting a residency at a new venue called NOTES. It's in Newtown. . I'll be playing every Tuesday, hope you can make it and bring your friends for a fun night out!
So.................The countdown has finally begun for the release of my album - soooooo excited for it's release! JULY 3rd, is the day.....I’ll be drinking a lot of champagne, you can count on it!
Here’s a glimpse of the album cover which was created using a Cybelle Malinowski shot by graphic designers at Sydney company Mathematics.
BTW… becoming a bit of a tweet freak… so make sure to sign up and follow me on twitter
OK - I think you're all up to date....if i've missed anything i'll let you know :)
Hope you're all fantastic & happy FRIDAY!!!!
Shelley xxx
“I tried to create something timeless-something my future grandchildren will be proud of.” Born in London, the now-Sydney-based songstress has certainly achieved that goal with this collection of poetic pop songs. Harland’s greatest strength—aside from her stunning voice—lies in her haunting-yet-hopeful lyrics, best illustrated in the song “Wonder” and the cryptic title track, “Red Leaf”. – InStyle Magazine
FRI MAY 08, 2009 / / / /
Very pleased to announce the winner of the mothers day competition goes to @Orbicore on twitter!
Their message to me was "I wonder Why my mother suffers with M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis). I wonder how I can make her life better...."
I really hope this brightens up your mothers day!
Email [email protected] for more info.
Thanks to everyone for sharing their "wondering thoughts" with me! Join me on twitter
FRI MAY 01, 2009 / / / /
Win a song written and recorded by me for that special mother in your life this mothers day. All you have to do is send me a message, via twitter, telling me what you most WONDER about.
I will check every "tweet" and select the most creative and interesting entry. I'll then get in touch with you for some information before writing and recording a personal song for you to give to your mother. I'll record the song at my label's studio Albert Music in Sydney.
Follow these 3 easy steps....
1. Create a twitter account if you don't yet have an account.
2. Head to and follow me.
3. Then tweet your followers what you most WONDER about ( You must start the tweet with @shelleyharlandx for me to receive the tweet directly.)
For example
@shelleyharlandx I most wonder why the sky is blue.
Luv Shelley x
ps. Remember to be creative ;)
FRI APR 20, 2009 / / / /
iTunes AUSTRALIA SINGLE OF THE WEEK - Go grab your free download!!!
iTunes Australia have just chosen 'Wonder' as Single of the Week! Yay! If you are in Australia, please stop by and grab your free download of 'Wonder' and tell all your friends & family to do the same. Please leave a comment/review and rating while you are there!
FRI APR 15, 2009 / / / /
I just wanted to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for helping me make it into the Australian Charts! I’m officially a top 40 artist debuting at #38 on the ARIA top 50 physical singles chart and it's all thanks to YOU!!!! Whoooahhh! I'm so sooo grateful and I hope you're enjoying the EP.
So.... I went a purchased my own EP in a JB Hifi the other day...very exciting and kinda weird? :) Check out my little vid on my YouTube page.
The single is available on iTunes now, check it out and tell all your friends. Also, don’t forget to keep requesting the song on your favorite Australian radio station.
Look forward to getting this out to the rest of the world - ...... this is a great start!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!
FRI APR 03, 2009 / / / /
EP released today Globally!!! In Australia please visit your local record store (JB Hi Fi and all great independent stores will be carrying the EP from today) to pick up a copy, or if you wish to order the EP and you live overseas you can click through to and a copy will be mailed to you where ever you live in the world. Please be sure to purchase your copy and copies for friends.
The EP will be available on I-Tunes Australia from April 10th.
Live performance on Mornings with Kerri-Ann available on my YouTube page (more vids to come so make sure to subscribe while you are there!).
Wonder interview with Rodney from 98.5 SonShineFM available here. SAT MAR 28, 2009 / / / / EP RELEASE.
Be a part of the Wonder EP Launch and help Shelley enter the Australia Charts by pre-ordering Wonder! Tell your friends, mothers, cousins, cat's, dogs and hamsters! Wherever in the world you may live you can now pre-order Shelley’s forthcoming EP via - JB HiFi
The EP is only $3.29 ($2.67US and £1.84) - there is an additional shipping fee - but for those that pre-order the EP, forward us the receipt or payment email from JB HiFi to [email protected] with “HARLAND PRE-ORDER" in the subject heading to receive a digital download version of the EP and an unreleased BONUS song! This will all be emailed to you on the release date, April 3rd.
Shelley Harland will join current #1 artist The Fray on their Australian tour this coming March. Shelley will be showcasing tracks from her Red Leaf album in acoustic mode. Dates appear in the Live section, and on Shelley's Myspace. WONDER EP
The brand new 4-track 'Wonder' EP will be available in March and will debut on Australian radio this month. The EP includes another track from Red Leaf called 'Hourglass' and 2 more exclusive B-sides. The EP was produced by David Skeet & Chris Sheldon and mastered at Abbey Road studios in London. The beautiful cover artwork was shot by Angelo Kehaigias who also worked on the shots for the Red Leaf album. RED LEAF
Shelley's Red Leaf album is in the final stages of preparation with developments on the artwork and final approvals on mastering just around the corner. This will be Shelley's first release on the Albert label (Sony) and will be preceded by a special 4 track EP for the first single Wonder. KATALYST
Wonder has been remixed by Katalyst who has produced tracks with Portishead's Geoff Barrow and has contributed tracks to the internationally renowned "CafeDel Mar". Listen out for it on myspace